Mercadona: case study


Mercadona is one of the biggest supermarkets in all the country. Area of e-commerce is not one of its main business areas so the goal of this study is to show the client possible improvements in the e-commerce process based on user experience while detecting opportunities for improvement.



Customer loyalty

if the user has a good experience using the website he will become an ally and evangelizer of the brand, but if he has a bad experience he will not go back and, what is worse, he can move to competitors

Efficiency and productivity

a good UX makes the user complete their tasks faster and with fewer errors.

Customer satisfaction

if user has a satisfactory, pleasant and easy experience he will be a satisfied customer who probably goes back and re-buy on our site and at the same time it will increase the possibility of recommendation to other customers.


with a good user experience we will increase the conversion rate of visitors from our page to customers.


  • After a first view of the supermarket e-commerce, a need for a redesign and adaptation of the website in correspondence with the dimension of the brand is clearly detected. The website presents a series of basic errors that the evaluation methods must confirm.
  • A positive issue detected is that despite these deficiencies the website works correctly, what should serve as a starting point for the future redesign.


  • Definition of UX and testing methods to use for the analysis.
  • Prototyping a new redesign of some screens of the interface that reflect the result of the study.

User profile

As we evaluate a supermarket, user profile is a person middle-aged (30-50), experienced in shopping online and regular customer of the supermarket.

User persona

Heuristic evaluation results

Need recognition and problem awareness
Search and navigation tools

  • There is no chance for an advanced search to establish product search criteria
  • There are no filters in categories of products
  • Results of searches don’t allow to establish any filter either

Stimulating the desire to purchase

  • Although there is some advertising banner, these are unattractive.
Information search
  • Any kind of graphic or multimedia element provides information about the products.
  • No extra information to add value to products such as most popular products, best sellers, etc.
  • Checkout process is concentrated in one page, so it can be positive for the user
  • Registering process is necessary to be completed before access to purchase platform
  • Badly designed form, with misleading options
  • No difference in buttons between primary and secondary options
Factors that affect the UX during the whole purchase process
  • Error messages do not appear during the completion of the form
  • Help is not clear to recover errors.
Purchase decision making
  • Although the products have a file with additional information, this is not present in all products.
  • Any method of comparison between products or are related products are provided.

update in progress…

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